Cemetery Project

Ford Cemetery on Route 156 across from New Hope Church

The Historical Society is in the process of collecting photos of all the privately owned cemeteries in town.  According to E.O. Foss, there were approximately 100 that he described and mapped out.  However, descriptions and mapping of some areas have changed; some more dramatically than others.  Trees are not where Mr. Foss once described, roads have been moved and Mother Nature has simply taken over.

Our immediate goal is to find the cemeteries and take pictures of each head stone to keep for our records (and for those in search of family that may have once lived here).  Long term, we would like to have a photo of each cemetery as a whole to put in a book for the 300th anniversary of the town (in 2022).

Some of the deceased had left money to the town to take care of their final resting place.  Unfortunately, this did not always happen.  It is the hope of the society to fix up the cemeteries that have the money.  Many of the cemeteries have veterans in them and it would be nice to fix up these places as well.  However, all of this work takes funding, people and time.

If you have any interest in helping, in any way, please contact us.