The following resources are available for research at the Van Dame Museum:

Historical Maps

1724 Plan of Settlement, signed by Thomas Bartlett, Nottingham Town Clerk

1731 Original Plan of Nottingham, by Brown and Hosmer

1732 Original Plan of Nottingham, by Brown and Hosmer

1732 Map of Nottingham, Northwood, and Deerfield, by Brown and Hosmer

1732 Tracing of blueprint of Nottingham belonging to OM James

1743 Map of 2-mile section of land running from Nottingham line to Rochester line

1761 Map of Map of New Hampshire

1796 Map of New Hampshire from 1790 Census Book

1802 Map of Route 4, from Durham to Epson

1806 Map of Nottingham, surveyed and drawn by Joseph Tuttle, Surveyor

1816 Map of New Hampshire, by Philip Carrigain

The Making of the Carrigain Map of NH, 1803-1816

1857 Map of Deerfield, by J. Chace Jr. (with additions by E.O. Foss)

1857 Map of Rockingham County, NH, by J. Chace Jr.

1857 Map of Nottingham, by J. Chace Jr. (with additions by E.O. Foss)

1858 Roadwork Districts in Nottingham

1859 Map of Northwood, by J. Chace Jr. (with additions by E.O. Foss)

1887 Pictorial Map of Raymond, NH

1892 Map of Nottingham, Rockingham County

1971 Map of Rockingham County, NH (general highway map)

1980 Map of Nottingham, NH by John E. O’Donnell and Associates

1983 Map of Pawtuckaway Lake, by George M Voltz Jr.

Maps of cemeteries and schools

Historical Town Records

Vital Statistics (Incomplete)

Voting Lists for 1835, 1840, 1850-1859, 1868, 80-1879, 1884-1888

Census for 1783, 1786, 1790, 1860, 1880

Taxpayer Lists for 1793-1800, 1809, 1811, 1849, 1885, 1931

Annual Reports of the Town of Nottingham (1837-1999; Incomplete in the 1800’s)

Fire-Fighting Records (1889-1935)

Online Resources for Genealogy Research of Nottingham, NH 


Elliott C. Cogswell’s book, titled “History of Nottingham, Northwood, and Deerfield” provides a history of some of the families living in these towns. Copies of this book are at the Van Dame Museum and Blaisdell Library, and can also be found online at Type in “History of Nottingham, Northwood, and Deerfield” in the search box.


The 1857 Nottingham property map is online at  Click on the second ‘digital object’ link.

State and Provincial Papers of New Hampshire

There is a full set of state papers at the Van Dame Museum and an incomplete set at the Blaisdell Library.  You can also read them online at

University of New Hampshire

UNH has some Nottingham family records and letters, particularly on the Stevens/Bachelder family. Go to click on “Special Collections and Archives”, in the Find drop down menu. Click on “Special Collections” and do a search for a name.

State Archives, Concord (S. Fruit St.)

The State Archives houses 168 volumes of Nottingham’s Town Records for the years 1811-1957.  They also have vital statistics, tax records, property records, and  school records that date back even earlier.  Some of these records are online at Click on Search, then go to United States, then New Hampshire, County Probate Records 1660-1973 or New Hampshire, County Probate Estate Files 1769-1936.

Rockingham County Deeds

County deeds are available online at Choose Rockingham County, then Search County Records, and click on Agreement. You must have JAVA to run this program. Once open, choose Verified Grantor or Grantee (1629-2014) and plug in a name. A Grantee is the person purchasing the land and Grantor is the one who sold it. To trace a property, start with the person you know owned it and then moved forward or back with the names of previous or future owners listed on the deeds.

NH Historical Society, Concord (Park St.) 

State Library, Concord (Park St.)